Oversized and Large Tarps - 5 Benefits for Your Next Event

Oversized and Large Tarps – 5 ...

Oversized and Large Tarps - 5 Benefits for your next event

If you’re hosting an event outdoors, you have probably already considered using a large tarp as a shelter in the event of bad weather. But, there are a lot of ways that oversized and large tarps can be integrated into your event, even when the sun is shining.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching way to decorate, or want to find a way to connect to the outdoors while still being protected from them, there’s a tarp for you. Here are some of the best ideas for using tarps to add a little something special to the party.

1. Instead of a full tent, opt for a canopy.

There are a lot of ways to build a canopy using a large, heavy duty tarp.All you need are the right fittings and the right coverage. Mesh tarps let a little bit more light in, but poly tarps are a better choice if you’re worried about wet weather.

There are benefits to choosing a canopy instead of a full tent. Because canopies have open sides, it’s easier for guests to move around from under the canopy to other areas outdoors. One way to make the best use of this is to set up the dining area under the canopy with plenty of tables to sit down and enjoy the food with a secondary area outside where guests can socialize in smaller groups. This creates a central area for guests to gather while allowing plenty of opportunity for mingling.

Outdoor Pop Up Canopy

A canopy with open sides also provides guests with an uninterrupted view of their surroundings while still having a shelter. If you’re having your event in a space that’s surrounded by natural beauty, sitting under a canopy is a much better way to take it all in than sitting in the corner of a tent. However, if you have high winds in your space, a tent might be the way to go.

2. If you want more coverage, consider using drapes.

Adding drapes to a canopy gives you the best of both worlds. You get the shade and protection of a large tarp while still having the option to cover the side when needed. That’s not all, drapes are also a gorgeous addition to any canopy. Layer different fabrics and patterns to create a look that adds depth and charm to the party.

Another way to incorporate drapes is to use a canopy with extended sides which is a nice balance between a canopy that only provides a roof and a full coverage tent. This adds a little more protection from the canopy and it’s a little easier to hand drapes since the canopy ends a little closer to the ground.

3. To feel more connected to the great outdoors, use a clear tarp.

If you’ve spent months finding the perfect outdoor spot for your event, using a clear tarp is an easy way to make sure your guests can take it all in. While they’re sitting at the table enjoying a delicious meal, they can glance up and see the surrounding trees, mountains, or sunset that made you fall in love with the location in the first place.

The best part is that they get to absorb the entire view without worrying about being exposed to rain or other inclement weather. And, again, if you want to add more coverage or privacy, you can always add drapes where you need them. Thin, white sheer fabric is a nice touch. It catches the light and adds a glowing warmth to the space without distracting from the view overhead.

Another cool thing you can do with a clear tarp is string twinkle lights over them. Turn them on when the sun goes down to create a warm, romantic atmosphere under the stars.

4. Take your color scheme into overdrive.

Whether you opt for mesh or poly, tarps come in a wide assortment of colors. The shelter you use for your event is such a large part of the decor, why not use it to make a statement? Use a bright yellow tarp for a summer birthday party, a white tarp for a spring wedding, or a red tarp for a family reunion.

The biggest benefit to this is it can really cut down on the rest of your decorating. Keep your color scheme minimal for a monochromatic look with a big pop of color. Think a bright red tarp with white balloons, streamers, drapes, and table cloths. Or, go crazy and use every color of the rainbow. Using a colored tarp is a quick and easy way to add a lot of excitement to the event space.

5. Create an immersive space to hide anything you don’t like outside.

You never know what’s going to happen in the great outdoors. Maybe you booked the event space months ago and a few unexpected storms caused a lot of tree damage. Or, you arrive to start setting up for guests only to see that there’s new construction across the way and large yellow excavators and dump trucks are interrupting the view.

As we mentioned, canopies are great for a lot of reasons, but there may come a time when you want to be immersed in a space that allows you to forget what’s going on outside. In this event, you can’t go wrong with a tent made of an oversized tarp.

Set up a dance floor in one area, dining tables in another, a bar in the corner, and small areas for guests to mingle scattered throughout. When done right, your space will make your guests forget all about whatever it is that’s going on outside.

More than Simple Shelter

As you can see, a large or oversized tarp can add a lot more to your even than just being a waterproof place to hide if it rains, or a tarp shelter with UV protection. With a little planning and creativity, a tarp can become a centerpiece of your decor while serving other important functions, too. Whether you want to block out unsightly views or make the most of the beauty surrounding you, tarps have a lot of benefits that can help make your event one to remember.